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H&SC Business Solutions understand that recruitment can be expensive and needs to be effective so getting the right candidate is key. All our recruitment service complies with GDPR and relevant legislation. 

We can help you do this by:


      Role and Salary

      Helping you define your requirements:


      Writing role profiles

       It is essential that all employer/ roles have an up to date job description to ensure your

       employees understand what is required of them. We can write and review these to suit your



       Set the right salary 

      we can provide you with market data so you can match the role at the right level.


      Advertising your roles

      We help your business to market roles through the various avenues including:

      Facebook, LinkedIn, and other channels.


       Selection Criteria

       Having the correct selection criteria will enable you to choose the right candidate for the role.

       We can assist you by:

           Supporting you to ask relevant questions during interviews
           Arranging any additional assessments which may be required
           Attending interviews, if required



Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is essential to ensure that you employ safely and effectively, with all the relevant requirements in place. Your new employees should be onboarded with the correct checks in place, which include:


      All pre employment checks

      Satisfactory references

      Pre-health questionnaires

      Right to work in the UK

      Contracts of Employment

      Induction compliance


We can help you to ensure all the correct employment checks are carried out. we can also help you to put together an effective induction programme 

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