HR Support & Consultancy

With the current climate, we are here to help you with any HR support, human resources consultancy and HR advice you need to ensure that your business carries on during this challenging period.

Our HR advice for employers, along with our HR helpline will assist you to ensure that you are best equipped to tackle issues including staff motivation during this time.

Your Business, Compliance & HR Helpline

The Business, Compliance and HR helpdesk is a service to ensure that your contingency plans are robust enough for your business to continue during this difficult and unknown time.

Our helpline support includes:


  • Helping your business to ensure that difficult decisions, including layoffs, redundancies, and reduced hours, are completed in a fair and legal way to protect your business
  • Support for your staff to keep them motivated during a difficult time
  • Quickly dealing with grievances or other issues that may arise
  • Receive coaching through difficult situations


  • Crisis and Interim Management
  • Remote Regulatory Audits
  • Litmus Test Audits to help check documentation and standards of compliance are being met
  • We can support and investigate the following
  • Safeguarding referrals
  • Complaints from Residents
  • Complete Quality Assurance
  • Complete On-line Medication Audits
  • Assess your recent regulatory reports and provide you with an action plan.


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HR Helpline

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