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HR Employee Cycle

HR Employee Cycle, also known as Employee Relation (ER), is an essential part of your business. Here at H&SC Business Solutions we provide many different services which are practical and pragmatic solutions to issues, as not every case is the same!


No matter which part of the HR Employee Cycle your business requires support and advice on, always remember this..


      If it isn't written down, it didn't happen, so documentation is key to success.


HR Compliance

Most businesses/services fail for not having up to date contracts of employment and policies and procedures in place. This part of the HR cycle is essential when its comes to protecting your service/organisation with Employment Law legalisations and best practice. H&SC Business Solutions can ensure that you do not fall short of these HR Compliances, as we offer:


      Contracts of Employment

      To Review Contracts of Employment

      Amendments to the original Contract of Employment

      Employee Handbook

      Policies and Procedures, and appropriate forms relating to the policies and procedures

      GDPR guidance and compliance for your HR Employee Cycle


Management of Formal Processes

Management of any formal processes which need to be managed in line with the service/organisations policies and procedures, employment law and best practice.

H&SC Business Solutions can advise, support and guide your business to make a positive impact, not only for employees, but for the business. We offer the following support:


      Probationary Period



      Performance Management

      Equality and Reasonable Adjustment

      Bullying and Harassment

      Absence Management


We also offer Training Sessions on any of the above. View our Training Course Section.


Engagement of your Employees

Engaging your employees and other key stakeholders is paramount to success. The engagement of your employees can be achieved by using the following processes, which we can help with:


      Employee Supervisions


      Peer Reviews

      Staff Forums

      Staff Surveys

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