Mock CQC Inspection

Preparation for your CQC inspection is important to everyone not only for employers but also employees as you never know when they will arrive. Visits could either be announced and unannounced – so don’t leave it until you receive your notification of an announced visits
We can provide a bespoke CQC Mock Inspections which supports and incorporates all of the Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOE) which are:
Is the service safe, effective, caring, responsible and well-led.
To ensure that your business meets the above KLOE’s at your CQC Inspection our CQC Mock Inspection provides you with advice and support to ensure that your business is CQC ready in every area. From Quality, Governance, Health and Safety, HR and Mandatory Training we will support you in ensuring that you get it right on the day and will continue to support your business post CQC Inspection.

Crisis Management

The need for crisis management within the care sector can occur for any number of reasons. If the business isn’t running as smoothly as it should be due to:
You receive an inadequate' or 'requires Improvements' CQC rating
A significant event that may have occurred
Management require support
H&SC Business Solutions can support and advise you in these areas to ensure that your Service is turned around in the appropriate way, through the KLOE's. We help ensure your next CQC Inspections meets the relevant requirements. Not only that, but if a significant event has occurred or management requires additional support, we have the expertise in all fields to support your business. We d o this by ensuring that your service works, both within Employment Law legislation and the CQC Regulatory Bodies Governance. All our expert associates work in partnership with your business to achieve this through best practice.


CQC governance plays a vital part in ensuring that your service is running safely and effectively. This can include (but is not limited to) the following:
The appropriate recording of documentation and daily records.
Updated, and regularly reviewed policies and evidence of best practice.
The provision of ongoing support to your patients and teams.
Robustly documented clinical meetings, inclusive of incident and risk management, and

It is also important that your business has a clear structure in place to ensure that this governance is in place, and that all information is securely kept and regularly reviewed.

Risk Management

We can help your business understand the difference between a risk and an issue, and the likelihood of a risk occurring. We can also explain, if something were to happen, what would be the consequence of the risk may be and how you would mitigate it.

Intelligence Monitoring

Do you know your data? We are here to help you understand and interpret what your data shows you. This will aid in ensuring regulatory body requirements compliance and the improvement of your service.
Did you know that the regulatory bodies already have information regarding the performance of your service? They get their information from various publications such as:

     National Patient Survey
     NHS Choices
     Public Health England
     Quality Outcome Framework data

Information Governance

We all know the importance of getting information governance and GDPR right. We offer a comprehensive toolkit to ensure that you have the necessary understanding to put information governance and GDPR into practice correctly and effectively.

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